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from Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

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Carnegie Hall: Can you tell us four of your favorite things to eat right now?

M: Bagels, braided egg bread, cheese, and brownies.


Meet M Thompson.

Carnegie Hall: Do you play in any music ensembles?

M: Yup, I play in my university’s Wind Ensemble, in the percussion section.


Carnegie Hall: Can you tell us about the most fun you ever had at a musical event?

M: I was in summer marching band the last two years of high school. We went on a big trip each year, and my first year we went to California for the Fourth of July. There were two parades that we marched on the Fourth, but the second one was by far the best; it was the Pacific Palisades parade. There were people throwing confetti and loud cheering after the audience realized that we were from Minnesota. It was a great vibe to perform in. We found out later that Tom Hanks was in the audience, which was pretty cool.


Carnegie Hall: That sounds like a great experience. What are some other great things that you admire about your school?

M: The musical diversity, the abundance of the arts, and the acceptance of many art forms in the community.

Carnegie Hall: It seems you’re pretty involved in music. How did you start playing music?

M: I was coaxed into piano lessons when I was in grade school. I hated it, honestly, so then I quit … but then I missed it, so I started again!


Carnegie Hall: Since you’ve traveled to California, what would you say is your favorite place to visit?

M: New York City. I went there this past summer and I cannot imagine any other place where I feel more comfortable.


Carnegie Hall: In the past year, what has been the most important thing that you have learned?

M: If you truly want to get far in any aspect of the music industry, it helps to know people. Create connections (a good place to do that is here on Musical Exchange!).


Carnegie Hall: Looking forward to the rest of the year, is there anything particular that you’re really looking forward to?

M: There are two film projects that I’m a part of, and both kick off officially this late fall / winter.


Carnegie Hall: Do you have any advice to share with other musicians?

M: Appreciate criticism but don’t let it get you down. Take advice but avoid those who tell you that you’re incapable. They probably have issues with themselves that they’re still trying to figure out.

Carnegie Hall: And the final question, what are you currently listening to on your ipod/radio/headphones?

M: The How to Train Your Dragon soundtrack, since I’m learning a piece from it on piano currently.


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