Featured Member Alejandro Ortiz
from College Point, New York, United States

Carnegie Hall:
What are three things you love about music?

Alejandro: I would say the rush of feeling you get when you hear it. That's the first thing. The second is how universal music is. You don't have to know the language it is written in to enjoy it. The third thing is how it connects people and how it defines us. I listen to Metal and Metalcore and people know it: not because I play the instrument most used in that genre, but because the music has influenced my lingo and how I act!

Carnegie Hall: What is the best musical advice anyone has ever given you?

Check out Alejandro's Musical Moment of the Day.

Alejandro: "You have chops? Cool, now get a soul!" My music teacher told me this. Back then, all I ever wanted to do was play a song as fast as I could and go to next one. When he told me this, in my mind it translated to, "You're a good player, you just don't have that groove. Add feeling to what you play or else it's nothing." I have to agree with that 100%!

Carnegie Hall: What are your four favorite things to eat right now?

Alejandro: Pupusas, tacos, steak, and Chinese food!

Carnegie Hall: Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

Alejandro: I'd have to say Chris Broderick. He's the lead guitarist of thrash Metal band Megadeth. He's an amazing guitarist and can shred on an electric guitar to play the most beautiful flamenco guitar piece ever written. I want to be like this guy one day, just surprising every one of my fans with the fact that I don't just play electric, but also classical and flamenco!

Carnegie Hall: What is the most fun you have ever had at a musical event?

I have to say my first concert: Vans Warped Tour! It's so fun to be in the pit. I mean, just getting all that energy while listening to your favorite bands... It was a great time. I met my favorite band there: Dance Gavin Dance.

Carnegie Hall:
What are the three best things about your school?

Alejandro: I would have to say the music program there is a great thing! The teachers are very friendly with the students, and there are so many school events at Bayside.

Carnegie Hall: Describe the best day of your life.

Alejandro: I guess it would have to be serenading this girl I really like... That day I also had my first kiss, so it was a great day for me.

Carnegie Hall: What is the most important thing you have learned this past year?

Alejandro: Morally, I guess it would be, "You get exactly what you deserve," and "Don't regret because every mistake is a lesson well-learned."

Carnegie Hall: What is your motto?

Alejandro: "Underneath anger is pain, and underneath pain is love."

Carnegie Hall: Where is your favorite place to go?

Alejandro: Best Buy. It has a great musical instrument section and I know almost all the employees.

Carnegie Hall: Do you have any advice for other musicians?

Alejandro: Keep on doing what you're doing. Never give up on what you love. Always do it, never quit it!

Carnegie Hall:
How did you start playing music?

Alejandro: Well, in sixth grade, my school had an orchestra and my teacher decided to teach guitar that year. I learned theory, history, and much more. I play flamenco music because of my teacher and he has also taught me different techniques on electric guitar.

Carnegie Hall:
What is the story of your instrument? Does it have a name?

Alejandro: My guitar's name is Lucy. I received her for my 14th birthday, and I've had her for two years.

Carnegie Hall: What are you currently listening to on your iPod/radio?

Alejandro: "Our Kings" by Miss May I. This song is how I met the [girl] I serenaded.

Carnegie Hall: What do you want to ask other members of Musical Exchange?

Alejandro: If you had the chance to be in the spotlight, what would be your musical moment?

Carnegie Hall: What is the best thing you've ever won?

Alejandro: Actually, this is the only grand thing I've won! I'm so honored.

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