Help Topics: Add Tags and Search by Tags (Keywords)

Tags are words or phrases that describe an item and link related items, like photos, video, and blogs. Add tags when you upload or edit later. With one click this connects your content to similar items and brings it up in search.

How to Add Tags

You can add tags to your post before you publish it by entering the tags you'd like to use in the "Tags" field. The tags will show up at the bottom of the blog post. If you'd like to add tags after a post has been published, you can do so by clicking on the post then clicking "Options" then "Edit Your Tags"in the drop-down menu.

Search By Tag

On the Photo or Video Detail page, you can click on a tag to see all photos or videos with that same tag. Alternatively, you can manually type any tag into the search bar at the top right corner of the website

You can also go to the Photos or Videos tab and enter the tag into the search bar there. Here, you can see the results returned from searching the entire network for "stadium". Any content item that matches your search query will be returned in the network search results.

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