I am LOVING everyone's posts, songs, comments, videos, participation, etc etc lately! It makes my heart SING and I know that is cheesy but I do not even CARE.

I hope that if you haven't yet, you each take part in the songwriting activities we have specially crafted for you on the site. And that each of you is considering entering our songwriting contest, deadline June 2! To be eligible to win the contest you have to do at least six songwriting activities. It's okay if you are just starting out--you can catch up! Just go to the songwriting exchange page and pick an activity.

Case in point: I am behind in a couple of these activities, but I decided to post a draft of a song I am working on from the Communal Title activity. I posted a first draft here, but since then I haven't been that thrilled with how the tune has been going so I have been hesitant to post it.

Full disclosure: I've been thinking, Hey, I'm a teaching artist here, so any song I post had better be the best song ever written, or how will that look? But then I realized: I'm going about this all wrong! You guys are all so brave, just posting bits and pieces of things, opening yourselves up for advice and feedback, and I need to be doing the same thing!

SO with that in mind, here's the latest version of the song. I just used my iPhone to record it since I don't have any fancy gear. I think I would like to take it slower, and perhaps sing the phrases on the bridge without any interludes in between. Maybe mess around with the chords some more. But I welcome your feedback. We are all students here, learning from each other. That's why it is called "songwriting exchange" and not "songwriting alone".

Seriously, we here at Carnegie couldn't ask for a more inspiring, open, dedicated group of young songwriters to be working with. We love you!



What if you had never been born?

No birthday parties, no warm summer days

Maybe you've imagined the darkness

No more heartaches, escape from the maze

But for every desperate moment there is one to counteract

Waiting in the wings to bring you back

You were born beautiful


What if you had never been born?

No glorious evenings, no fire in your heart

Maybe you are thinking of leaving

Thinking it's easier to just be apart

But somewhere there's someone like you

Just waiting for your hand

One who will surprise you

Someone who understands

That you were


Born beautiful

And beautiful you remain

No matter what they tell you

There's an antidote to the pain

It's all there inside you

Just waiting to be found

Look into the mirror

Get your feet back on the ground

The beautiful sweet ground


Beauty is all around

Think of one time that you've found it

A blade of grass, an unexpected friend

You are meant for brighter pastures

The past does not decided your future

Today is not the end

Time to begin again

The beauty inside you-it never left


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Comment by Anna Pearl Roseberry Belinda on June 4, 2014 at 8:40pm

Songs never have to be fully finished to share you are completely right:) I forget my songs all the time, or the bits and pieces I have of them....I know I've got a keeper when the song gets stuck in my head! The song came together very nicely, you should be proud!

Comment by Deidre Rodman Struck on May 2, 2014 at 9:49pm

Thanks Kaitlyn!


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