Well, today I sat down to compose a bit for The Film Score Project. It is always interesting to sit without knowing what's going to happen next.

And since many fellow members of this community have asked how to compose music...well, in this post I intend write how I did it so far, just in case anybody finds it useful for this project or future creations. This works for me, but I guess each person has its method, so take from a pianist who tries to compose.

I'd say the very first thing is to create a general draft of what you want to accomplish, and that draft was slowly made looking at the details or instructions that the project specified. This details included:

  • A certain number and type of instruments.
  • The length of the film and you may look for a visual climax...thing that I haven't done yet haha....
  • The mood that the film has -friendly? playful?
  • The changes of color in the film -at times very yellow, then obscure-
  • The beginning has some sound cues that match visual changes.

I registered that to take it in consideration when composing. From there, I started thinking about: the musical structure I want this to have (I-V-I?), which tonality I wanted to use as my main anchor, which instruments I wanted to use -for this decision I thought of the color I wanted the instruments to bring to the film-, etc.

Also, as a personal excentricity -hahaha- I noticed that the Juggler only used three objects to play with during the video...therefore, I only wanted to use three instruments for my composition :)

After that mental trip -haha- I started to look for some melodies and started writing a draft on paper. It was really useful for me to write thinking about my chosen instrumentation because you start to consider the instrument's capabilities and sound.

That's all. Here's the initial draft:

I changed it quite a bit when using Sibelius...but that was the beginning idea.


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Comment by Pamela Soria Sánchez on March 22, 2013 at 10:56pm

Thanks Jon! :)

Comment by Jonathon Hampton on March 20, 2013 at 4:15pm

Great post. Very informative, insightful, and helpful. Thank you!


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