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First Video Log - Great Advice

Today was the first Live Video Chat with Leslie and Rodger, alot of fun with some very great advice :D I questioned adding another blog post wondering what it would accomplish. I figure, if nothing else it will be a great place to put some notes so I dont forget them...

Tips to Remember:

1. Dont freak out! Be confident that you know your song and be confident in the work you have put into it. Do not worry about any aches…


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Help Topics: Add Tags and Search by Tags (Keywords)

Tags are words or phrases that describe an item and link related items, like photos, video, and blogs. Add tags when you upload or edit later. With one click this connects your content to similar items and brings it up in search.…


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The Maestro’s Mojo

The Maestro’s Mojo

April 6, 2012
Demystifying the movements of conductors, with the help of seven top practitioners, including Alan Gilbert, music director of the New York Philharmonic.…

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Help Topics: Share, Embed & Customize Media Players (Audio, Slideshow, Video)

To add your media players to another site or embed somewhere else in the community, click the triangular "Share" icon in the toolbar of your music player, photo slideshow, or video player. Click the word "Share," then the "Copy" button. Paste the embed code elsewhere. 

Adjust Your Music Player Settings

You can adjust the settings for your…


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Member Spotlight: Rachel

Featured Member Rachel

from Monroe, Connecticut, United States

Showcasing musicians from around the world, Featured Member Interviews give Musical Exchange members a little insight into the things we share as musical artists.


Carnegie Hall: What are…


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Carnegie Hall Stories: Part 5

Live from Carnegie Hall

Carnegie Hall turned 120 in May, so we're digging back through our history and sharing stories with you. In this post, we feature artists who have recorded albums of their Carnegie Hall performances.



Comedians Lewis Black and David Sedaris, rock greats Frank Zappa and…


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April: What's New on Musical Exchange?

Don't miss the coolest new features and most exciting updates on Musical Exchange. Meet some of Broadway's brightest stars, catch up on the last 120 years at Carnegie Hall, and get to know our latest featured member.…


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Where's Your Music? Photo Challenge

Carnegie Hall's Musical Exchange online community invites you to join us in a global photo sharing challenge. We're asking everyone to answer the question, Where's Your Music? Show us where by snapping a picture at your favorite place to make or listen to music.



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Keep Getting Better!

Hi, My name is Daniel Pastor, I am 17 years old and Im in love with theater. I love to sing and I love to dance. They are my whole life. But Im still not great in any means. I found this workshop here online and thought maybe it could help me a little.

Thing I KNOW I need help on:

FLAT FLAT FLAT, I have a habit of swallowing or covering my sound if those are the correct terms. Im not sure of how to push my sound forward so that I stay on top of the…


Added by Daniel Pastor on April 4, 2012 at 4:39pm — 1 Comment

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