Community Guidelines

1) Do not advertise – Musical Exchange is a community for young people to share their own music and to learn from one another. It is not appropriate to use this website to sell recordings, or to advertise a business, service, other website, or job opening. Passing along a link to a relevant website or blog consistent with Musical Exchange's mission is perfectly appropriate. If you encounter solicitation or inappropriate behavior on Musical Exchange, please report it.

2) Protect your personal information – Keep your personal contact information private (email addresses, phone and fax numbers, instant messenger screen names, mailing addresses, etc.). Be careful about arranging any in-person meetings with people you may meet online.

3) Do not steal or post commercial media – Respect other people’s ownership of their music and videos. It is not appropriate to sell or distribute media that other people post on the internet. It is also not appropriate to post media that is not your own performance or your own musical composition. Music copyright can be a complex issue, please review our Frequently Asked Questions, and if you have additional questions, please ask.

4) Be respectful – Respect the privacy of others; do not request personal information, ask to contact members privately outside the Musical Exchange site, or engage in online activities that may make others feel uncomfortable. Musical Exchange is not a website to look for dating or romance. Remember to keep conversations appropriate, especially since we have both adult and youth members.

5) Be curious – If you have a question, ask and learn from others! There are many people who can help answer questions. Express your curiosity and interest by commenting on posts by other members, by exploring the site and searching for things that interest you, and by sharing your thoughts and opinions.

6) Be helpful – If someone has a question that you can answer about your music, culture, or country, respond! If you find any questionable or inappropriate behavior on the site, please help us moderate the site by bringing it to our attention.

7) Be supportive – Many people here are learning about new music, cultures and lifestyles for the first time. Help teach them in a positive, supportive way!

8) Stay on-topic – Keep the conversation relevant to music, culture and international dialogue.

9) Be yourself – Tell us about your musical interests, post audio and video of your performances and original music, and personalize your profile.

10) Be positive and polite – We are here to learn and to share music and ideas, not to insult or judge each other. Remember that there is a person on the other end of the technology.


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