The Singer's Audition Handbook

Throughout the summer and early fall, the Voice Studio group is hosting an extended online workshop to help classical singers prepare for auditions. Claudia Friedlander will provide resources to help you identify, prepare, and successfully audition for the educational and performance opportunities that are right for you. We will discuss how to create a timeline for your overall application process, select audition repertoire, and prepare head shots, demos, bios and other materials.


Getting Started

Professional singers tell us what they wish they had known when they were beginning to audition for educational and performance opportunities.

How to Choose Educational & Performance Opportunities

An overview of the variety of opportunities available to young singers.

Tips on this type of educational performance opportunity from alumni of Carnegie Hall's The Song Continues master classes.

An introduction to opportunities available for high school-aged singers, including summer festivals, performing arts high schools, conservatory preparatory divisions, and residential arts preparatory schools.

A detailed overview of the many factors to consider when choosing the right undergraduate and graduate degree programs in vocal performance.

An overview of young artist programs, which provide valuable experience as well as exposure to opera professionals who can help launch your career.

An overview of competitions, the sporting events of the classical singing world, an opportunity to hear fresh young talent roll out their A-game and vie for prizes and exposure.

How To Create a Timeline for the Application Process

Advice and resources to help you plan a successful audition season in advance.

How to Choose Audition Repertoire

What's in your audition binder? Helpful tips on creating a balanced repertoire list for audition season. 

How to Take a Great Head Shot

Wondering what goes into making a fantastic head shot? Learn how to prepare for photo shoots, select the best images to use, and retouch the final product.

How to Present Your Résumé, Bio & Repertoire List

Want to make your résumés, biographies and audition repertoire lists more effective? Learn how to put together clear, well-formatted print materials that will best present your voice and your story to audition panels and pre-screening administrators

How to Make a Great Demo Recording

Most vocal performance degree and Young Artist program applications require the submission of an audio or video demo. Your demo is the most important component of your application.

Audition Etiquette

Learn how to best present yourself at auditions and communicate with representatives of opera companies and training programs with the utmost professionalism.

Wrap-Up: Responses & Reflections


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