Voices Around the World

See how singing tells the story of where a person is from. Why do we sing? What role does singing play in different cultures? Composer and vocalist Samita Sinha lead us on a journey of discovery as we looked at singing traditions from around the world. This project challenges conventional ideas about song and the use of the human voice! See what we did below.



Global Hip-Hop: Art, Artist, and Place

I would like to start our global exploration of vocal music with the work of four hip-hop artists. I would love for you to listen to these songs and think about these questions while you listen:

  • How does each song tell the story of where the artist is from?
  • What does the music say about the artist’s relationship that place?
  • What more do you want to know about the artists and the places they come from?


Creating Whole Sound Worlds with the Human Voice

Each of these three videos shows artists creating whole "sound worlds" using the human voice. Check out the videos, and share your thoughts.

  • How do these artists use singing and their bodies to communicate -- with audiences, with one another, and across boundaries (of age, race, culture, etc.)?
  • What possibilities with the human voice have you been curious to explore -- whether it is with your own voice, with others, or as a composer? What ideas do you have?


Three Artists, Three Unique Styles

Each of these three artists -- Alaa Wardi from Saudi Arabia, Bjork from Iceland, and Hahn-Bin from South Korea -- has found a unique voice and style of their own. Check out these three videos and share your thoughts! Why do you think Alaa Wardi invents his own language?

  • Like Bjork, do you ever imagine sounds in your own musical creations that you haven't heard before? How do you experiment with sound?
  • How do Hahn-Bin's aesthetic choices in how he presents himself in performance change the way you hear the classical repertoire that he plays?



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