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The Somewhere Project

This season, in celebration of Carnegie Hall’s 125th anniversary, the Weill Music Institute is launching The Somewhere Project, a citywide exploration of West Side Story, and we want you to particiapte! West Side Story invites us all to explore songwriting at its finest through its extraordinary music, and throughout the season, teaching artist Deidre Struck will be leading the songwriting group with exercises and creative prompts to help dive in to all of the broad ideas and intricate details of the songwriting that helped make West Side Story famous. 


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Songwriting Exchange

Ever wonder what it would be like to have your music professionally produced and recorded? In the summer of 2014, we invited songwriters to particiapte in writing acitivities and share their work with us for an opportunity to record in a pro studio and perform at New York City's Rockwood Music Hall.


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Musical Exchange's Songwriter Search began in the spring of 2013 with a nationwide call for songwriters. After six weeks of online songwriting activities, a group of talented young songwriters took the trip of a lifetime, performing at the CMDA Route 40 Music Festival and collaborating with young South Africans.


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New song I working on, would like critiques on progress. 1 Reply

I don't Really know what direction to take the bass part in. I feel as if it would be to boring if it just followed the chords. I would like to add some interest in the Background before I decide on a main melody.…Continue

Tags: unfinished, rock, Music

Started by Tyler (Kaori) Diioia. Last reply by Kaitlyn Mann Mar 21, 2016.

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Comment by Kaitlyn Mann on April 24, 2015 at 7:43am

Just entered my song, War, in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, wish me luck! 

Comment by Deidre Rodman Struck on March 8, 2015 at 10:34am

Hi Micky Lapin! My only suggestion would be to consider the use of the word "secret", since it appears twice. If that is intentional, great. But if not, use it just one, and choose the place where it will have maximum effect.

Comment by Kaitlyn Mann on March 5, 2015 at 4:12pm

Micky Lapin

Well, one possibility is that what you already have, which is a strong thought, could be the chorus. It seems to be the main theme with "I want to know you baby" as the 'hook'.  And then you can build around that with your story.

If you want to keep those lyrics as the verses, another idea for the chorus could be why the person you are talking to is closed or scared to let you in and you are asking why he or she won't open up to you.

I'm super excited to see what you do next!!

Comment by Kaitlyn Mann on March 5, 2015 at 10:07am

Aly Nicole Schulte

Your song sounds like a really great country pop song!!  With hints of Jason Mraz.  The only thing I would suggest is maybe to vary the rhythm on the guitar a little bit in the 2nd chorus, bridge, and last chorus so that it can be a little more moving.  Just an idea.  I really like the song and your vocals are spectacular as usual! 

Comment by Kaitlyn Mann on March 5, 2015 at 10:00am

Micky Lapin

These sound pretty cool!  Have you put any music to them yet?  What are your ideas for the chorus?  Can't wait to hear them!

Comment by Kaitlyn Mann on March 1, 2015 at 10:18pm

My new song about a really insecure girl who feels that her best friend is so much more special than her.  http://youtu.be/I0xyM4FeNM4
We saw him at the same time
I knew him at a glance
There was something in his eyes
I knew
Was it something for me  
Like being in a dream  
Wonderful, magical, something else
Why should I even try
My friend is so much more
Wonderful, magical, something else

And it seems so clear to me

He should fall for you
He should fall for you
You’re out of this world
And I’m just me
He should fall for you
Fall all over you
You’re something special
And I’m just me
I shouldn’t act like I care
Cause nothing’s ever fair
He’s already been spoken for
I am the awkward one
The one who’s just a friend
I’m not wonderful, magical, or something else
The possibility
Could he have interest in me
Wonderful, magical, something else

But it seems so clear to me

He should fall for you
He should fall for you
You’re out of this world
And I’m just me
He should fall for you
Fall all over you
You’re something special
And I’m just me

What does he see when he looks at me?
What would it take to have a guy like him?
I’ve got nothing
‘cept hope to hold onto
What does he see when he looks at me?
What would it take to have a guy like him?
I don’t know
Why is he looking at me?

Could he fall for me
That’s a fantasy
He’s out of this world
And I’m just me

Comment by Kaitlyn Mann on February 22, 2015 at 10:24pm

My War song video  :)  http://youtu.be/MtfIrZ0D5m4

Consider love, only love as a solution to conflict and not war as the answer.

Oh why, oh why
Have so many people died
If you look around
Open your mind to the sound
Over there is over here
The boundary’s unclear
Locked away inside your mind you will find
People are dying to be heard

Oh, war
Oh, war
We can change it if we choose it
If we choose it
If we choose it

Verse 2
Love, only love
Will heal the wounds of man
There’s higher ground
It’s there to be found
What are we fighting for
There’s always something more
Somewhere we’ve lost something that we all need
We’re looking for the same thing

Oh, war
Oh, war
We can change it if we choose it
If we choose it
If we choose it


Comment by Deidre Rodman Struck on February 19, 2015 at 8:54pm

Aly Nicole Schulte this is a SOLID song!!! Record it with a band!!

Comment by Aly Nichole on February 15, 2015 at 6:41pm
Thanks for your feedback Deidre!

Here is my "Communal Title": Love Song


It's main idea was: there at so many different types of love songs: without love, with love, wanting love, avoiding love

My song basically described the fact that I don't have a love song. As the bridge states: you did nothing right
So I can't be sorry
You did nothing wrong
So I can't be angry
I did nothing right
So I can't be happy
I did nothing wrong
So I can't be guilty

Basically there's no love song for me

I almost forgot how much fun these challenges were! Thanks for bringing them back. My favorite from before was defiantly the Unconventional Song. It opened my mind to so many different thoughts of: 'what is a song?' And I ended up writing one of my favorite originals.
Comment by Deidre Rodman Struck on February 14, 2015 at 8:05pm

Aly Nicole Schulte, thanks for posting your song! The chorus is SO catchy, I was singing harmonies along to it and have a feeling I will singing the hook for a few days. I am a huge fan of songs written in minor keys, so it's been fun to listen to both yours and Kaitlyn's back to back. This song is super solid. I have nothing to add except: more!


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