In a few weeks I have an audition for a jazz program that I would really, really like to get in to. However, I'm not sure what to play! I need a slow song and also a fast one. I play the violin, and I need something of a decent difficulty. My ideas so far are "Rose" from Jim Snidero's book titled "Jazz Conception" as a fast one, or something from the real book, maybe "Donna Lee" or "Red Clay". I'm out of ideas for a slow song, except maybe something gypsy? Please help!!(:

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Here are some well known standards, just to get some ideas rolling. This is more from a vocal standpoint, though. I'll put a call out on the group comment wall as well. I'll also ask some of our violinists here at the Hall, and some of the more responsive violinists in the community with an interest in Jazz. Here's a list from an Advanced Search on the Member page.

Liv, I like the Snidero book for study, but for an audition I'd agree with picking standards.  Rather than looking to the real book first, I'd check out some recordings of violinists playing some of the standards off the list Jonathon gave the link to...  What players do you listen to?  Really, just spend some time on Spotify or YouTube listening to some Stuff Smith, Regina Carter, etc etc, and pick an up tempo and a ballad that grab your attention.  ( an aside, I'd highly suggest learning the tunes by ear from the recording, not from a lead sheet!)   - Also:  starting place for slow songs... My Funny Valentine, Willow Weep for Me, The Man I Love, Body and Soul... Regina Carter has a gorgeous recording of Soul Eyes...  Hope that helps a litte!



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