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Composing Project: Sing in an Interdisciplinary Voice

From January 23 - March 2, 2012, composer and interdisciplinary artist Paola Prestini hosted a creative workshop on Musical Exchange exploring musical composition through visual tools, multimedia app… View »

Working with visual inspiration and developing the idea for your composition

An excerpt from the January 23, 2011, chat with composer and interdisciplinary artist Paola Prestini Paola Prestini: identify a theme you would like to use for your composition. You are free to use t… View »

How to Share Your Project Work

Here are a few ways you can share your work on this project: Upload your photos of the visual tools you use to organize your compositions. Share your musical compositions or work in progress by atta… View »

Music samples and resources

Paola has put together a page on her own website offering musical samples and materials for this project, visit Additi resources will be posted on Paola's… View »

Using an Image or Melody as Your Starting Point 1 Comment

Oceanic Versesis an opera that musically paints a picture of Italy as it once was, a cross section of cultures expressed through song. The story was derived from lost languages, texts and melo… View »

Using the Musical Tree and Musical Timeline in Your Composition 1 Comment

Entry Point Identify a theme you would like to use for your composition. You are free to use the themes mentioned below. Place that idea on a musical tree and timeline. Place musical ideas, themes, w… View »



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