Can I share/post my arrangement online without violating copyright laws?

I did a Steel Band arrangement, last semester, of Manfred Mann's arrangement of the Bruce Springsteen tune "Blinded by the Light". It went off real well, the crowd was jammin', screamin', throwing babies on the stage, etc. and I got a decent recording of the whole thing. Now, here's the trouble: I don't know if I'm even really supposed to have a recording of this. I would like to share it online, include it in my portfolio, etc. but I'm not exactly sure where I stand legally. Can anyone help me out?

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I believe you need to get a license from Ascap for that.  As I understand you can, but you have to pay.

So what they're saying here is that in order "exploit" the arrangement I would have to contact the publisher and pay royalties. However, I'm not seeking to gain anything monetary from the arrangement; I only want to share video/audio of the performance of the arrangement. So I suppose I'm still not really sure where I stand.

Privately, here, non-profit setting, I think you should be fine, Try posting it on youtube. See what they say.

Hi Marjorie, it would be a copyright violation if you wanted to share publicly online your own performance/recording of a song that has a copyright without permission of the copyright holder. You may want to share it privately. Copyright law can be quite complex and there are some good resources online that can help you. ASCAP provides a basic understanding here:

You can also research fair use guidelines for legally using copyrighted material without obtaining a license. The Center for Media and Social Action at American University has some great resources to help better understand fair use:

Best of luck!



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